• FCCSP 3D Inspection System (Strip type)

    • Loading type: cassette to cassette system
    • Bump application: flat, round, copper pillar, PoP (big ball & bump)
    • Scan time: 8 sec per strip
    • Laser beam thickness: 10um
    • Inspection item: diameter, height, damaged, dimple, FM, bridge, missing, pitch, warp, coplanarity, void
    • 3D sensor swath: 16mm
  • FCBGA 3D Inspection System (tray type)

    • Applicable size: 8x8 to 52.5x52.5mm
    • Device thickness: 0.2mm to 1.6mm (typically 0.38mm)
    • JEDEC tray: 135.9x315mm (7~13mm T)
    • Dual tray feeding system
    • Main inspection item: bump, warpage, cop
    • UPH: see below (based on 10ea reject sorting)
            (For FCBGA, coin bump)
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