• Business Domains

  • Major Clients

Business Domains

Genesem is a manufacturer of essential equipment necessary for
the semiconductor back-end process industry

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Major Products

Genesem provides more than 50 types of semiconductor back-end
process equipment.

  • Laser Marking

    • Different types of marking on product surfaces
    • Application: 7 areas, including wafers, FPCBs, and packaging

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  • Test Handler

    • Transfer to semiconductor packaging inspection equipment and
      defect detection
    • Application: packaging area

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  • Inspection

    • Inspections on foreign materials or patterns on finished products
    • Application: 5 areas, including packaging and bumps

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  • Pick and Place

    • High-speed handling and defect detection of various
      packaging products
    • Application: 3 areas, including packaging and EMI shields

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    • Pick and Place 이미지3

Genesem’s Competitiveness

Genesem has a competitive edge in the stability of its equipment,
convenience of operational software, product quality, and
swift technical support.

  • 커스터마이징 생상 시스템

    Customized production system

    We reflect customer needs in our products—from the early stages of designing and planning new equipment and providing
    optimal equipment to the manufacturing process of our client companies—within the shortest period of time, thereby
    enhancing the competitiveness of both Genesem and our clients.

  • 응용제품과 적용산업의 확대

    Expanding application products and accompanying industries

    Genesem utilizes its original technologies to develop and manufacture a variety of equipment that is used in various industries, including
    semiconductors, PCBs, LED and solar cells, and is further growing its business domains beyond the current industries.

  • 지속적인 연구 개발

    Continuous R&D activities

    Genesem has been developing an average of one new type of equipment every quarter through consistent R&D activities.
    Our very own synergy technologies and international licenses play a pivotal role in our business success.

  • 높은 고객 신뢰도

    High customer credibility

    For the last three years, we have had no cases of refunds, recalls or other claims on our major products.
    From manufacturing and shipment to installation, Genesem puts customer loyalty credibility at the top of its priority list.

  • 우수한 인력 관리

    Low turnover rate

    Genesem boasts the industry’s lowest brain drain level. The key to our competitiveness lies in our business philosophy, which applies great
    importance to employee satisfaction.

Major Clients

Genesem has major domestic and international semiconductor makers as its clients and is constantly exploring new markets around the world.

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