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CEO’s Message

Our differentiated technologies and
competitive products enhance customer value.

Since its foundation in 2000, Genesem has built on its technologies and business know-how in all its business domains, including electronics, optics, precision machinery, vacuums, materials, and chemicals with leading technologies in the semiconductor equipment industry.

Our commitment to technology R&D and enhancing our competitive edge has earned us the following achievements:

  • - Korea’s first developer of PCB laser marking technology,
  • - Korea’s first company to localize test handler technology,
  • - Outpacing conventional monopolistic Japanese suppliers in technical competitiveness,
  • - A pioneer of EMI shield process technology development

In addition, we have earned great respect globally for our competitive products, such as laser marking packaging, PCB marking systems, and vision inspection systems, all of which are supplied to clients around the world, from Korea, the U.S. and China to Mexico and the Philippines.

With the completion of its new head office building in Songdo, Incheon, Genesem is now poised to open a new chapter in its history, with an ambitious plan to develop new products that cater to emerging market trends.

From its humble beginnings as a small company to a competitive medium-sized one, Genesem is sustaining growth through innovation and an enterprising spirit. Today, it maintains its vision of becoming one of the world’s top three semiconductor back-end process equipment specialists. Please join us on this exciting journey as we move one step closer to attaining our goal.

Thank you.

Management Philosophy

Customer satisfaction, a people-oriented business philosophy,
and innovation & strategic thinking are the underlying management principles at Genesem.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Providing products and services at the highest level of customer satisfaction is our primary obligation as a company.
  • We always strive to offer the highest quality products to meet customer expectations and demand. Every customer order should be addressed promptly and accurately.
  • We make strenuous efforts to save on costs so we can provide customers with products at affordable prices.
  • We believe in contributing to customers’ profitability through our products and services.

People-Oriented Business Philosophy

  • We understand our responsibilities to all our stakeholders, including our employees.
  • We embrace our employees and their families, providing as much support as we can.
  • We practice competent business management in ethical and reasonable ways.

Innovation & Strategic Thinking

  • We need to develop creative ideas.
  • R&D activities should be carried out with an enterprising spirit that does not fear trial and error to develop innovative programs.
  • New products and technologies should constantly be rolled out through creative thinking.



Moving towards becoming a leading global semiconductor back-end process equipment specialist


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