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Company Profile

We are emerging strong in the semiconductor equipment
manufacturing market.

By utilizing its original laser marking technology, Genesem is constantly carrying out important R&D activities in pursuit of synergy among its core technologies to further its technological prowess for a greater future.

  • Korea’s first company to develop PCB laser products
  • Topped the industry in laser marking sales (as of 2014)
  • Track records of more than 50 different pieces of semiconductor back-end process equipment

Established in 2000, Genesem has grown into a leading supplier of laser marking, test handler, inspection, pick and place, and other semiconductor back-end process equipment to customers in the U.S., China, Mexico and the Philippines.
With the aim of becoming a top global manufacturer of semiconductor equipment, Genesem is on the way to being the leader in the EMI shield sector. At the same time, it is concentrating its R&D efforts on developing new systems and technologies that cater to the different needs of clients in different industries, as well as the very best semiconductor back-end process equipment.

제너셈 소개


Emerging as a leader in the world semiconductor equipment market

Since its foundation in 2000, Genesem has devoted its resources to developing, manufacturing and providing automated equipment for the semiconductor back-end process. Commanding industry-leading capabilities in developing and supplying semiconductor equipment, we are growing into a blue chip company with a solid foundation for sustainable growth and stronger global market power. Our goal is to become one of the world’s top three semiconductor manufacturers by 2020.



Leading the market

일류 기업을 향하여

New head office building in Songdo, Incheon

연혁 table
Nov. 2016 IR52 Jang Young-shil Award 『EMI shielding method of the semiconductor package』
Oct. 2016 Head Office relocation in Incheon-Songdo Technopark District.
Sep. 2015 Enlisted on the KOSDAQ market
Dec. 2012 USD 10 million Export Tower Award from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Sep. 2011 Commendation as a top improver of productivity by the Minister of Knowledge Economy
Nov. 2011 Selected as a “Vision Company” by Incheon’s municipal government
Apr. 2011 Selection as a Main-Biz (Management Innovation Business) by the Administrator of the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA)
Nov. 2010 USD 5 million Export Tower Award from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Jun. 2010 Named an “excellent member” of the R&D Collaboration Network by the KoreaIndustrial Technology Association (KITA)
Mar. 2010 Designated a “promising SME” by Korea Development Bank
May. 2008 Acquired ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems
Jun. 2007 Renamed Genesem Inc.
May. 2007 Merger with GK Systems



설립과 기반구축

Genesem Technology R&D Center

연혁 table
Nov. 2006 USD 3 million Export Tower Award from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Aug. 2005 Winner of the Presidential Industrial Service Medal for its contribution to Technology Innovation
Jan. 2005 Acquired certification for a corporate R&D center from KITA
Sep. 2004 Selected as a company with “competitive technology” by the Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund (KTCGF)
Aug. 2004 Designated a promising SME exporter by the SMBA
Dec. 2002 Acquired the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate
Nov. 2002 Designated a venture company by the SMBA
Aug. 2001 Selected as an InnoBiz company by the SMBA
Nov. 2000 Established as Jin Technology Inc.

2000 - present

Global Market History

글로벌 시장 진출 현황

연혁 table
2017. EMI Shielding In-line automation System supplying to Samsung electronics, SK Hynix in Korea
2016. EMI Shielding In-line automation System supplying to STATSChipPac in Korea
2015. Exported 100MW-capacity in-line equipment to a U.S.-based solar cell module maker
2014. Received a large order for test handler equipment from Mexico’s Skyworks
2013. Commenced exporting our pick & place system to the Philippines
2012. Exported solar cell equipment to North America (received orders from Solaria and supplied stringers and breaking devices)
2010. ntered the Mexican market, securing a client base in Brazil and Mexico, Latin America’s two major semiconductor markets
2009. Entered the Japanese market, expanding sales and the company’s equipment product supply chain
2006. Entered the Brazilian market, securing a turnkey-based supply chain of back-end process equipment to Latin American markets
2005. Initiated transactions with Chinese and Taiwanese clients, thereby establishing a client base in Chinese markets
2004. Entered the U.S. and the Philippines, and supplied equipment to a U.S.-based company
2003. Entered the Singaporean market, signing agreements on supplying equipment products to multinational enterprises there
2002. Entered the Malaysian market, establishing transactions with several multinational corporations there
2001. Entered Thailand’s market
2000. Established Jin Technology Co., Ltd


Symbolizing Genesem’s vision to become the undisputed leader
of the semiconductor equipment market

The name Genesem is a compound word of “genesis” and “semiconductor.” The left oval, referring to rays emanating from the sun, symbolize the company’s enterprising spirit and scalability. The red oval shows the sun itself, representing the company’s vision to become the center of the semiconductor equipment market. The color red reflects Genesem’s future, which is poised to embrace the world market with its cutting-edge technologies and market confidence to achieve sustainable growth

Grid System

Genesem Grid

Corporate Color

Symbol Color
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  • Address: 24, Songdogwahak-ro 84beon-gil, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
  • T : +82-32-810-8400
  • F : +82-32-810-8401
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