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R&D Center

Genesem’s R&D Hub

Built in Songdo in 2007, Genesem’s Techno Park R&D Center plays a pivotal role in the company’s R&D activities for the sustainable growth of the business, developing equipment such as laser applications, test handlers, pick & place machines, and stringers. Going forward, the center will continue its efforts to develop the highest caliber equipment by utilizing its original design technologies, while also developing universal application equipment in pursuit of untapped markets. As a result, our differentiated products will allow us to maintain our competitive edge in the market. At the center of all these initiatives are passionate R&D experts, including five who hold Ph.D. degrees and have more than 10 years of experience in R&D, as well as three who hold master’s degrees. In the future, we will increase the number of staff at the R&D center to reinforce research & development activities in pursuit of new markets.

  • R&D staff account for 33% of the total workforce
  • 10% of profits are invested in R&D expenses
  • The integration of the R&D Center and the manufacturing factory slated for 2016 will only heighten our growth potential.

연구소 소개

R&D Roadmap

We are actively expanding our sales portfolio
through new product and technology R&D activities
in a wide array of business areas.

연구개발 로드맵

New Equipment R&D

By leveraging our established R&D infrastructure,
we are able to concentrate on constant innovation and
new product development.

신규 장비 개발 현황

Technical Competitiveness

Based on our original design technologies,
we are developing high-performance equipment and realizing
tangible results.

기술 경쟁력

New Businesses

The Genesem R&D Center is developing equipment
that offers universal application by integrating our core technologies.


R&D Performance

Genesem is channeling its R&D resources into developing innovative
new products and technologies.

연구개발실적 table
No Task Center Details Result
1 Test Handler Genesem R&D Center Electrical test devices for packages Commercialized
2 Pick & place machines High-speed package inspection and packaging equipment Commercialized
3 Package marking Semiconductor package marking devices Commercialized
4 Singulation Breaking devices Commercialized
5 Stringer Tabber & stringers Commercialized
6 Short pulse laser with a fine via hole processor for 3D package lamination Laser drilling equipment Not for commercial use but to develop preceding technologies
7 Developing LED packaging in-line automation systems LED production facility Commercialized
8 Laser technology for ultra-high speed cutting of hybrid substrates Laser-cutting equipment Not for commercial use but to develop preceding technologies
9 Establishing automated manufacturing administration software through ICBM integration technologies Integrated management system of equipment Under development

R&D Milestones



As of 2017, Genesem held 38 patents and utility model rights.




연구개발실적 table
No. Technology/Equipment Patent No. Application Date Registration Date
2 PRESS DIE Patent No. 055440 Feb. 2004 Feb. 2006
3 STRUCTURE OF PRESS DIE Patent No. 10-0560115 Mar. 2004 Mar. 2006
4 A device for sortiong and tansferring substrate Patent No. 10-1213224 Jan. 2012 Dec. 2012
5 A device for sortiong and tansferring substrate Patent No. 10-1239232 Jan. 2012 Feb. 2013
6 A vision inspection system of the semiconductor substrate Patent No. 10-1262836 Feb. 2013 May 2013
7 A tray rotation device Patent No. 10-1276267 Feb. 2013 Jun. 2013
8 A strip pre-aligner Patent No. 10-1304545 May 2013 Aug. 2013
9 A solar cell fabrication system Patent No. 10-1305008 May 2013 Aug. 2013
10 A moving materials arranged Devices Patent No. 10-1308650 Aug. 2013 Sep. 2013
11 A soldering device Patent No. 10-1341394 May 2013 Dec. 2013
12 A turret picker device Patent No. 10-1341399 Aug. 2013 Dec. 2013
13 A film cutting device Patent No. 10-1431206 May 2014 Aug. 2014
14 A flipperring device Patent No. 10-1431207 May 2014 Aug. 2014
15 A package anligner Patent No. 10-1448043 May 2014 Sep. 2014
16 A vision inspection and marking system of the semiconductor package Patent No. 10-1479039 Jan. 2014 Dec. 2014
17 EMI shielding method of the semiconductor package Patent No. 10-1501735 Sep. 2014 Mar. 2015
18 A sputtering method for EMI shielding of the semiconductor package Patent No. 10-1589242 Aug. 2015 Jan. 2016
19 A sputtering method of semiconductor package Patent No. 10-1590593 Dec. 2015 Jan. 2016
20 The semiconductor package of the suction holding means Patent No. 10-1599812 Jan. 2014 Feb. 2016
21 The deburring brush assembly for EMI shielding Patent No. 10-1629634 Dec. 2015 Jun. 2016
22 The moving apparatus of semiconductor package Patent No. 10-1638996 Jan. 2016 Jul. 2016
23 Atreatment device for detaching the semiconductor packgae Patent No. 10-1638995 Jan. 2016 Jul. 2016
24 The singulator Patent No. 10-1656337 Feb. 2016 Sep. 2016
25 The singulator Patent No. 10-1656342 Mar. 2016 Sep. 2016
26 Ahousing for the removable of the semiconductor package for EMI shielding Patent No. 10-1656334 Feb. 2016 Sep. 2016
27 The stringer Patent No. 10-1656344 Mar. 2016 Sep. 2016
28 Laser scriber Patent No. 10-1656341 Mar. 2016 Sep. 2016
29 The solar cell production system Patent No. 10-1656354 Mar. 2016 Sep. 2016
30 The removable housing of the semiconductor package for EMI shielding Patent No. 10-1694748 2016. 06 2017. 01
31 EMI shielding burr removing device Patent No. 10-1754942 2017. 03 2017. 06
32 Multi chip picker Patent No. 10-1754958 2017. 01 2017. 06
33 Adhesive film desorption method of semiconductor package Patent No. 10-1754965 2017. 03 2017. 06
34 A semiconductor package detachment device Patent No. 10-1784373 2017. 07 2017. 09
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