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Genesem is well on its way to becoming one of the world’s top three manufacturers of the semiconductor back-end process


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Genesem made full use of its 16 years of experience and its original core technologies when it successfully entered the semiconductor back-end process equipment market. The first Korean company to succeed in developing PCB laser technology, Genesem soon had control over 80 percent of the domestic PCB market. With the advance of the information technology era, unprecedented systems that can process large amounts of data in a flash were quickly developed. And with surging demand for digital wireless communication devices, it is clear that Genesem is working in an ever-growing market.  

In response to this reality, Genesem plans to take full advantage of these market developments, promoting its profitability and stability, while simultaneously laying the foundation for sustainable growth. To that effect, the company has unveiled its strategy to accomplish its goals and will strengthen its capabilities with equipment essential to the semiconductor back-end process; expand its business in laser marking, test handlers, inspection systems, and pick & place machines; reinforce its revenue stream through a diversified new product portfolio and technology R&D; and advance into new business areas such as solar panels.

To begin, Genesem plans on broadening its business domain into the solar panel business as it also reinforces its existing business areas with semiconductor equipment. In fact, the company has been part of a joint research project with a U.S.-based company to do with equipment that halves a solar cell’s bars using a laser-cutting technique and then relies on an automatic breaking device to segment the halved bars before attaching electric wires to them using stringer systems. At present, talks are under way to hammer out details regarding a prominent solar cell module manufacturer from the U.S. When this technique is eventually installed on the production line, it is forecast to begin generating profits from the third quarter of the year. 

Additionally, Genesem plans on further expanding its business portfolio by diversifying its product line-up and expanding its technology R&D activities. Specifically, its R&D roadmap for increasing high value-added business domains includes developing laser scribing technology for application in PCBs and solar cells as well as EMI shield process technology by the first half of 2016. 
Thus, Genesem is swiftly responding to market and customer needs with its consistent R&D efforts and innovation drives, while pursuing overseas markets at the same time.

Genesem CEO Han Bok-woo is on record as saying, “We will be a market leader in all the changes occurring in the domestic semiconductor equipment market, while maximizing our global competitiveness through ceaseless technology R&D and product portfolio reinforcement for higher profitability.”

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