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Genesem decides to issue bonus shares just one month after its IPO


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After its successful debut on the KOSDAQ market on September 25, Genesem decided to issue bonus shares on October 26, 2015.


According to a company statement that day, Genesem allotted a free share of stock to shareholders based on the number of shares that each shareholder already owned. A total of 4,384,587 new shares will be issued at the face value of KRW 500 on November 11, 2015 and will go public as of December 7, 2015. After the bonus issuance is completed, the number of outstanding shares in Genesem will double, from the previous 4,384,587 shares to 8,769,174 shares, with total capital also rising to KRW 4.3 billion.


The company made this decision as part of its shareholder-friendly policy and following the successful IPO it carried out the previous month.


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