• Test Handler System


    • Handling packages: Logic semiconductor packages
    • Handling device size: 2x2 ˜50x50
    • Interface type: DIO, GPIB, RS-232C
    • Throughput:3,500 ˜ 5,500 UPH
    • Test methods: Bottom pin direct lead contact type
    • Test integration: O/S tester or logic tester system

    • Vacuum: Built-in vacuum generator
    • Device conversion time: <10 mins
    • Plug-in accuracy (position accuracy: +/-0.05mm
    • Plunger pressure control: Electrical regulator type
    • Docking type: hard lock type and vertical docking plane
    • Optional item : Hot plate & picker rotator
      * Model : 4para / 16para / 32para type
    • In-shuttle: dual shuttle
    • (4 devices handling)

    • In-shuttle sensor detect device
    • tilt (mis-aligned device placement) 



  • Tray to Tape & Reel System

    • UPH: 12K
    • Tray loader: Lonading tray elevator 1ea, working tray plate 1ea, empty tray elevator 1ea

    • Precisor: Inlet & outlet dural recisor design (each precisor contains 8ea pocket
    • Transfer robot: Dual transfer robot design (each robot contains 8ea pickers)

    • Turret: 24ea pickers design, clock-wise rotation

    • Pre-aligner: Device pre-align before vision inspection

    • 1st vision inspection: Device orientation, marking, device type (after inspection, rotator picker will make

                                  direction correction for the rotated devices)

    • Tape sealing: Both heating type & PSA type capable, reel pitch feeding

    • 2nd vision inspection: Marking, orientation inspection again
    • Reel: Completed devices are reel offloading


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